Research Week 2018

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VA Research Week May 14-18, 2018

The third week in May marks the national celebration of VA Research Week. This annual event celebrates the accomplishments of the VA Research Program and recognizes the researchers, Veterans and partners who support the program. VERAM has partnered with the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System since 1991 and is proud to support this event celebrating Veterans for their participation in research studies and the numerous achievements of VA researchers and staff and the role they play in providing high quality care for Veterans and advancing medical science. Join us as we celebrate 93 years of research excellence. This year’s theme is “InnoVAtion to Implementation”.

Research Week Program at VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System

Tuesday, May 15 – Program Highlights:

  • VA investigators will present findings from their discoveries and innovations that have led to advancements in the health care for Veterans and improved upon existing medical knowledge.
  • Update on VA Research Administration activities
  • VERAM collaborations with research organizations and VA Ann Arbor investigators.
  • Roger J. Grekin Research Award Ceremony

To learn more about Dr. Grekin’s contributions to VA research, click here.


We continue to accept donations to support the award for years to come. This award is funded by colleagues and friends, honoring the memory of Dr. Grekin’s deep commitment to service as a clinician, researcher and mentor.


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